Learn all you need to know.

  1. What equipment do I need to provide?
    • No special provisions need to be made. The client minimally needs to provide a performance area of at least 8ft x 8ft, with access to electricity. The musicians themselves will provide the instruments and all the sound equipment.

  2. Wait! I already have access to a tuned piano or sound equipment for you to use.
    • Great! We'll work something out!

  3. Can I see the artist's repertoire list?
    • In most cases, the client can select their most favourite (and least favourite) songs from the artist's repertoire list.

  4. Can I make special song requests?
    • In most cases, the client can make requests for special songs if submitted at least two months ahead of the event.

  5. Do the musicians really play for 3h straight?
    • Most of the time, our musicians will play a standard 3 sets of 45min, separated by ~15min breaks between sets. In some cases, a set can be a full 60min.

  6. Do I need to feed the musicians?
    • If the event runs over dinner, it is expected to provide meals for each of the musicians. But don't worry, they're not picky eaters!

  7. What about parking?
    • It is expected to have parking taken care of by the client, if at all possible. The musicians are environmentalists and are likely to carpool anyway!

  8. Can I get an invoice?
    • Invoices and receipts may be provided at your request.

  9. What happens if the artist gets sick and can't perform?
    • Every event has a backup musician lined up behind the scenes. If, for whatever reason, the original musician cannot perform (due to sickness, car trouble, accidents, etc), we will provide an equally amazing replacement at no extra cost and no hassle. You may not even notice!

  10. Can you hold the date? I'm not sure I want to confirm the booking right away.
    • No problem! We'll hold the date for you as an option for as long as our musicians don't get other gigs booked on that exact same day.

  11. I have an event coming up very soon! Is it too last minute to book?
    • Check with us! We may be able to help you out in a pinch, even with only 24h notice.

  12. What if I want a specific singer/musician?
    • We will do our best to book you with your first choice, but trust us, all of our musicians are equally outstanding!

  13. What if I have some other combination of instruments in mind?
    • Talk to us. We will most probably be able to locate exactly what you're dreaming of. And if not, then we'll offer you something equally fantastic!

  14. What if I also want to hire a DJ?
    • Scène Prestige Productions has special rates with certain DJ's in the area. Ask us for our referrals.

  15. What if my event runs overtime?
    • There may be an extra charge for events that end later than expected. Please advise us if this is a likely possibility.

  16. What happens during the musician's break if we don't already have a DJ?
    • If advised in advance the musicians themselves can provide simple DJ service for the breaks (e.g. ambient background music).

  17. Is it possible to view a demo of the band?
    • Yes, definitely. Please email us indicating what type of bands you are looking for. We can either provide you with a YouTube video, an MP3 or even invite you to come see a live performance.

      Alternatively, you may request a private audition at $30+tax per musician (ex: $60+tax for a duo, $90+tax for a trio, etc). This cost will be removed from your final invoice should you decide to confirm the booking.

  18. What happens if my event gets cancelled or postponed?
    • Any postponing of a booked event will be considered a cancellation. There is a sliding scale for cancellation fees. Generally, if the notice of cancellation is given more than 6 months in advance, you will only lose the deposit. If it is within 6 months of the event, you will be charged 50% of your booking, and within the last 3 months, you will still have to pay 100%.

  19. What if I only want 15min of music, not the whole hour?
    • Sorry! The minimum booking time is 1h, even if you don't use it all. In addition, as soon as you require the musicians to play longer than 1h, it is charged at the 2h rate. (And they should take a break!) Please note: a wedding ceremony, which may only consist of 2-3 songs, will still count as a full 1h booking. Many clients will therefore choose to have the musicians play ambient music while guests arrive to fill out the full hour of music.

  20. What happens if the Ceremony starts late?
    • Here is our Late Policy (it happens sometimes, and we want to make sure that it is not noticeable to the guests and that there are no misunderstandings!): The musicians will start playing ambient music 15min before the official start of the Ceremony. If the Ceremony starts more than 15min late (so, if the musicians have been playing for 30min already), they will take a break in order to not exhaust all their repertoire, and they will remain seated until the start of the Ceremony. If the Ceremony is likely to start even later, only the groom, the bride or the official wedding planner may request them to play longer. There are 2 options:

      • Option a: This extra music time can be decreased from the Cocktail.
      • Option b: You can pay $25/musician per block of 15min, either in cash directly to the musicians, or by calling the agent Melina (438-402-8564) to confirm over the phone that the extra charge will be added to the final balance.

      Once the Ceremony starts, the musicians will play the requested songs for the Processional, the Signatures and the Recessional as planned. If it has been agreed upon, they will then play the Cocktail.

  21. Are there any other fees to consider?
    • The prices quoted here are before taxes and assuming a standard performance of up to 3h for audiences of about 150 people on the island of Montreal. For events occurring offisland, there may be additional transportation fees. If special equipment is required (ex: a stage, or for audiences of more than 150 people), there may be additional costs. And for events running longer than 3h, there may be extra charges.

  22. Are tips expected?
    • Giving tips to the musicians is not expected, but most certainly appreciated! However, note that the actual payment for the booking must be made to the agency Scène Prestige Productions.

  23. When does the payment have to be made? Can I pay in installments?
    • In most cases, a deposit of minimum $200 will need to be placed immediately upon signing the contract. The balance of the payment must be paid no later than 2 weeks after the event has passed. If preferred, payment can be made in full in advance. Talk to us if you'd like to arrange an installment plan. We'll do what we can to help you out!