Planning An Event?

We believe that with special, carefully picked
music, we can make your event truly extraordinary.

We believe that with special, carefully picked music, we can make your event truly extraordinary.

What Are You Planning?

A Wedding

Weddings & Other Private EventsWhat we love most about weddings is the unfiltered personality they carry. The style, character and traits of those organizing is merely the beginning.

Weddings & Other Private EventsAre you hosting a wedding, birthday party, anniversary, Bar Mitzvah? For its glorious duration, it will be a home to those you love most: your friends and family, the people who share your life in all its facets and wonder.

Let's create a soundtrack exclusively for them and you. Let's pick the songs you, your friends and family know and cherish above all else, the music that grounds you, brings you together and makes your time spent celebrating unforgettable.

A Small Business Event

Small Business EventCongratulations! You've opened your new store, launched your own service or product, or perhaps you've reached a big anniversary in your career and business. It's an amazing milestone worth celebrating!

The first thing we want to understand is, where does the heart of your business lie? What's your story, philosophy and image? As musicians, we know that there's not just an appropriate style, but even particular songs that will fully reflect a brand.

Mellow. Smooth. Energetic. Upbeat. Rapid or slow. Let's find the heartbeat of your business and fill the air with it.

A Corporate Event

Corporate EventThe best corporate events have those moments, after all the speeches are done, the panel discussions are over, the deals have been made or the year's stats shared, when the buffet is open and people settle down to enjoy and celebrate.

Corporate EventIt's in that moment that your guests will realize, something is special about this evening. When they look around and see colleagues new and old, workmates and companions, there's a place they feel entirely welcome. A place almost like home.

Whether they realize it or not, it's the music accompanying your event that creates this feeling. Are you ready to give your company gathering an irresistible personal note?

A Fundraiser Event

Fundraiser EventYou have reached some of your most precious development milestones, and you've built a strong community and reputation in your field. This is another level of service you can render to the world, something truly valuable and progressive. It's an ambitious goal, personal and born from passion, and for the first time, it is within reach!

Fundraiser EventGather your community, attract them to your plans and passions, make them feel and believe it. Your fundraising event will be an amazing success with music that hits the right emotions and bolsters your message.