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At Scène Prestige, we are artists first, then businesspeople.

Just like you, we know - and love - the life of a musician, from the liberty we find in self-expression, creativity and passion, to our struggles getting solid gigs, proper promotion and, above all, fair pay.

Let's celebrate the former and tackle the latter. As Scène Prestige members, you benefit from:

  • Proper representation by agents who believe in you
  • Fair and quick pay, sometimes even on the same day!
  • Free consultation on marketing, repertoire selection and more
  • Non-exclusive booking deals, so you can still get your own gigs on your own terms
  • Access to artist-exclusive events and workshops

Scène Prestige's most fundamental core tenet is to give artists what we know they deserve.

Our mission is to restore the value of live music in the events scene to where it belongs.

We're doing this gig with you as much as for you.