Ce que nos clients disent

SP témoignages - Mariage Jean-Philippe & Marie-Michèle"Merci beaucoup pour votre service exceptionnel. La musique était excellente et vos suivis étaient attentionnés. Merci encore!"

Mariage Jean-Philippe & Marie-Michèle - Juillet 2017
Ont engagé un duo piano-violoncelle

SP testimonials - Karine Robidas Wedding

"When we started planning our wedding, we decided to go for an Edwardian Era theme. Being great fans of "La Belle Epoque" the choice was eminent.
In order to set the tone without having to dress up like we were stepping out of Downton Abbey, we had to represent the theme in our setting, ambiance and, of course, the music. While we wanted a regular dj and host for the evening part of the wedding, we wanted our guests to step back in time when arriving at the manor. In order to do so, we decided to hire a string trio during the cocktail hour.
After looking for the best musicians in town, we decided to go with a string trio from Scène Prestige. Although we did not have the chance to hear them play live since we were doing our wedding photos during the cocktail hour, our guests truly enjoyed this little touch. Despite the high quality of recorded music, they is always something a bit more special about live musicians.
While we went for something classic to match our theme, Scène Prestige also offers different types of music entertainment to suit your needs. Jazz, World Music, live singers.. Everything your heart might desire!"

Karine Robidas, mariée - Juillet 2017
A engagé un trio à cordes

SP témoignages - Mariage Pierre-Alexandre & Natacha"Je voulais simplement te remercier. Les musiciens ont été fantastiques. Nous avons eu une très belle cérémonie.
Merci encore et je n’hésiterai pas à vous recommander!"

Mariage Pierre-Alexandre & Natacha - Mai 2017
Ont engagé un duo à cordes

SP témoignages - Fondation Amal, Gin & Jazz levée de fonds"The event was great, we had a fantastic turnout and almost everything ran smoothly :) We were extremely satisfied with the musicians, ranging from their performance, conversations, professionalism etc. It was a pleasure to work with them and they played perfectly in line with the ambiance, audience and theme. We will definitely reach out again to collaborate with you for a future event."

Fondation Amal, Gin & Jazz lev&eacut;ee de fonds - Mai 2017
Ont engaé un duo de jazz

SP témoignages - Thé amical pour la Ville de Pointe-Claire"Le manger, servi par les gentilles demoiselles et jeunes hommes, était très bien présenté, délicieux et nourrissant. Le jeune homme à la musique à fait un très bon choix"

Thé amical pour la Ville de Pointe-Claire - Décembre 2016
Ont engagé un guitariste en solo

SP témoignages - Mariage Erin & Nathan"Thank you for Saturday night, it was beautiful!"

Mariage Erin & Nathan - Novembre 2016
Ont engagé un duo de violoncelle et violon

SP témoignages - Mariage Katrina & Martin"I just wanted to let you know that the band did an amazing job at our wedding on Saturday and we wanted to thank them again for the wonderful music. Thank you so much for the wonderful music!"

Mariage Katrina & Martin - Octobre 2016
Ont engagé un trio de jazz avec saxophone

SP témoignages - Mariage Stephanie & Martin"Merci pour tes voeux et pour les musiciens lors de mon mariage, ils ont été excellents et ce fut un plaisir de travailler avec une équipe aussi professionnelle que vous!
Merci encore pour tout!"

Mariage Stephanie & Martin - Août 2016
Ont engagé un trio à cordes

SP témoignages - Sharon Hecht, spectacle privé"I had hired you to send me a pianist. He was wonderful. Not only did he play wonderful music, he allowed and showed much about playing piano with my grandson, Jacob. My guests and I thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment.
Many thanks."

Sharon Hecht, spectacle privé - Août 2016
A engagé un pianiste en solo

SP témoignages - Mariage Vanessa & Massimo"Hi Melina!
Thank you again for everything, the music was beautiful and added so much to the ceremony!
I will definitely recommend you anytime somebody asks!
Thanks again!"

Mariage Vanessa & Massimo - Août 2016
One engagé un duo violon-violoncelle

SP témoignages - Mariage Genell & Christopher"Thanks again so much for everything, your role contributed to our having a perfect ceremony :)"

Mariage Genell & Christopher - Avril 2016
Ont engagé un quatuor à cordes

SP témoignages - Mariage Sandra Verdoni"The musicians were amazing. We could not hear anything but positive feedback. The compliments from our guests in how impressed they were during the ceremony and cocktail hour were amazing to hear. I had a relative not only inquire but hire musicians for her wedding 3 months after mine. From the moment I spoke to Melina she was a huge help giving us her professional advice on what instruments would go well for the vision we had for our wedding day. Her guidance made our ceremony cocktail hour everything we wanted it to be and more."

Sandra Verdoni, mariée - Octobre 2015
A engagé un duo violon & guitare

SP témoignages - cérémonie de citoyenneté"On behalf of the City of Pointe-Claire, we would like to thank the pianist for the delightful music she played for the Citizenship Court on Canada Day. We really appreciated the elegance it lent to our ceremony. The music added the perfect touch to make our celebration memorable."

Kathleen Finch, Gestionnaire de section, Ville de Pointe-Claire - juillet 2015
A engagé un pianiste jazz en solo

SP témoignages - Mariage Sarah Canzer"Melina is professional, approachable and talented. She matched us up with exactly the kind of music we were looking for our wedding and made the night complete! We asked for an acoustic guitar player to set a warm, relaxed vibe at our wedding and Scene Prestige Productions delivered exactly that. They set the bar high in terms of customer service and pricing, and have an incredible group of talent to choose from."

Sarah Canzer, mariée - juin 2015
A engagé un guitariste-chanteur en solo